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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Compares Public Employees to Hitler

Today, Rush Limbaugh yelled and screamed at a caller from Wisconsin, Mary Jo, who said she stayed in her public sector job despite offers of higher pay and better benefits in the private sector because “I feel I made a difference.” Limbaugh responded, “Adolf Hitler made a difference.”

After silently cutting off Mary Jo on the phone while he denounced her, Limbaugh proclaimed that if public employees are allowed to unionize, “their fellow citizens become the enemy.” According to Rush, “these people are at war with us.”

Limbaugh expanded his attacks to include every Democrat. He called Obama “a socialist” and accused Democrats of “destroying” the economy, “destroying social security,” and “destroying the housing market.” Rush's show was full of this lunacy, including his insane claim that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “are suggesting that we arm al Qaeda” in Libya. When a caller today referred to Obama as an “miserable little turd,” Limbaugh didn't disagree but simply responded that Obama was a greater threat to America than Gaddafi.

And using his war metaphor language, Limbaugh claimed: “The Democrat Party is taking direct aim at every family in this nation.” The response, Limbaugh said, needed to be more extremism: “We're the extremists? Fine. Then we need more of us.”

My book about Rush, The Most Dangerous Man in America: Rush Limbaugh's Assault on Reason, includes many more cases where Limbaugh invokes violent rhetoric to attack Obama and liberals.

I'm no fan of false civility, but everyone should be worried when the leading radio show host in the country accuses public employees of being “the enemy” who is “at war with us” and calls for extremism in attacking Democrats.

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